Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring At Last, over 71 items, all free!

This cute little guy looks a lot less like the original clipart, I added 
gradient color for the body and the wing, a cute glassy brad for the
 eye, and finally Hello curving over the head.  I think it's adorable.

Have another one for you, lots of adorable clipart and my own creations.. I love this one! Seems like I am saying this all the time.. it's bright, with lots of colors, could be for Children, gardening, sports, spring, and I am sure you can think of another type.. Have fun with it..  Hugs Rainy ps don't forget to click on images, to get large preview! :)

Here is my sample layout

There are two previews of Elements, but only one zip.. Zip at bottom of previews

Elements 2




Download link just below


SiskiyouSue said...

Thanks, Spring has not arrived here yet, we had more snow this week and we are still below 32. I'm going to keep your kit just in case it does arrive eventually!

STrump said...

What an adorable kit!! Thank you so much for sharing it!

Rainy said...

Thanks so much ladies, spring is coming and going here.. you think winter is over and pop, it snows or flurries again.. oh well I love the seasons.. hugs Rainy

Anonymous said...

So awesome! Thank you so much!