Friday, May 9, 2014

Fleur De Lis Full kit with over 50 items all free


I hope you like this one,  I tried to make this one more scrap like, with lots of clips etc.  This kit can be used for that favorite aunt of yours, or mom, or grandmother or any older lady in your life that you would like to make  a scrap tribute to.  Below is my sample layout.  Please enjoy the kit, hugs Rainy ps borrowed this lovely lady for the layout from the net. :)

Elements Preview 




Elements again
I never know what the search engines will grab.. 

There are also borders in this kit, not previewed.

If you think you might like this one, please 
download from the link just below.

I would love to see what you have done with it,
 I would like to share them on this page.. just let me 
know.. hugs Rainy

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