Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Swinging On A Star

Just something to play with.. I started out trying to make a Christmas Element, and ended up with this.. I like it! :) I hope you do too.. hugs Rainy

Download is below
Swinging On A Star

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Addon For Golden Christmas

Just messing around.. I seem to need my computer time in the morning, can get busy in the afternoon with my house.. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas  Tra la la la la!! :) Here are some things I was just fooling around with.. hope youlike them

download link from 4squared below

Addon from 4shared 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Peppermint Christmas Addon

I thought about adding something to this kit and came up with buttons
.. not sure I like them.. but maybe some will.


They are all a little different sizes... they look pretty even here
.. lol but not in real life..  You should be able to resize them down..
If you like them.. don't hesitate to download them from 4shared below

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Peppermint Christmas

You know lately I have had more fun than I should have.lol..I just love creating these kits for you. and this time I created two at a time.. :) Here is the preview of the elements! They actually don't look as good in the preview as they do in person so I will show you some up close and personal as well.. The preview looks a bit messed up and over crowded.

The elements

Up Close and personal
A Gingerbread Man Tag

The Frames

The Papers

And The Wordart

If you would like to download it click below
Peppermint Christmas

Creations from my Creative Team below

This one is by Vee who is soon to be my Ct... turned out really cute Vee!

Another one by Vee!

This is one by Becca.. turned out cute!

Here is a blog layout using Peppermint Christmas by Alexe, who tells
me the name of the blog may be inserted between Merry and Christmas..
so very cute!! Thanks alexe!

And the blog background by Alexe

One more by Vee, hey I think she loves this kit!! :)

If you would like to snag these, click on image to get the full size..
 then right click and save it as png. Hugs rainy

Rustic Autumn

I loved working with this one.. unfortunately the previews do not do the kit justice!  I am hoping you download it and check it out.. I think you will like it if you love autumn kits..   Anyway here comes the previews

Elements 1



Here are a couple of sig tags made by my Creative Team Member
 Vee!  they always turn out cute.. :)

< And from Tommie, my CT as well too, so cute!!!

And from Tommie, thanks so much, turned out great!

Just remember if you would like any of the creations from my
Creative Team, just click on them and then right click and save
 from the open window.. Thanks Guys.. hugs Rainy

Oh and here are Elements 2
Elements 2

Download below

Rustic Autumn

Vintage Elegance

I have to admit this is one of my favorite old kits.. A lady in a group I belong to created something quite beautiful out of this kit so I am posting the kit so I can display her great creativeness!

 Here are the elements first!

And The Papers

The Frames



And the beautiful layout created by Tommie

Thanks so much Tommie, I just love it.. hugs Rainy
The Download link from 4shared is below

Vintage Elegance

Golden Christmas

Well here is another gold one for you.. I love creating these.. I might do a winter kit next, I will have to see.. I have to find another way to display these, it's a little messy again.. :)




Word Art

Download link below

Golden Christmas

Here is a beautiful sample layout or tag created by Vee who is
 one of my creative team members.. This is stunning Vee, thanks so much!

>  Here is one from Tommie, one of my CT wow I love it girl!  Hugs Rainy

Click on the images and snag from the new window...It will be in it's original
size there.. hugs Rainy