Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Love In Colors

Here is my latest kit, I absolutely love the colors, and could live in them.. might consider redoing my bedroom with these colors.. lol I hope you like this kit as much as I do.. I enjoyed creating it. Here is a sample layout first. By the way I used this color wheel to select my colors.. awesome site!! Be sure you select the whole link so it goes to the right site.  Then copy and paste it. Hugs Rainy,0.2899999999998909,0.07999999999999999,0.36,0.2069999999999673,0.144,1,0,0,0.25,1,0.2500000000001

Here are the colors I used from the wheel for this kit
pretty cool huh?

Sample Layout

 Here are the elements, not that many this time
Here are the frames

Here are the hearts
Here are the papers

And the wordart which I love.

If you wish to download this kit, please click on the link below
Hugs Rainy


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the awesome kit. Love the colours.
Hugs, Ann

Rainy said...

it's always nice when people take the time to say something.. it's appreciated.! hugs Rainy